Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So this is what happens when you can't sleep and start messing with your blog. Yes, I have been up most of the night with a splitting headache and can't for the life of me fall to sleep. I finally got tired of just laying there. I have hit some button and now I can't get anything back! I don't even have my "design" tab anyone. I'm really hoping some blogging/computer experts can help me...please :(

Sidenote: I somehow got back to where I started messing around, thankfully! But does anyone know how to add a banner from Cutest Blog on the Block? I can't find an HTML code....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Beautiful Up Country Day!

Yet another perfect shower! Three of my bridesmaids got together and threw us a wedding shower in Greenville on a perfect January day (that just so happened to feel like spring day.) It was so nice to see all of my college friends-I think sometimes I get so busy I forget how much I miss all of them. I went up Friday night to spend a little extra time with Amanda and Sara Britt (and forgot to take any pictures). We hung out and ate dinner at an adorable restaurant in downtown Greer, which by the way is a hidden gem...so cute! Saturday was filled with more wedding fun!

The brunch was held at Mary's Cottage. So cute!

Me and my MOH (and her sweet little girl arriving soon!)

The favors...again, how cute!

Me and the hostesses...love these girls!

Totally not planned...but so funny.

The whole group...great group of girls!

It was a absolutely wonderful day!

It's Raining Wedding!

As January progressed, wedding events started gearing up. We had a wedding shower to kick off the wedding festivities, and it was wonderful! The first one in January was hosted by a few of Josh's mom's friends and a mutal friend of my family and Josh's mom. The guests were mostly Josh's mom's friends and it was fun getting to meet everyone. I even had 2 bridesmaids make the trip to Columbia for the afternoon. Yay! It was a perfect Sunday afternoon shower with some yummy desserts.

The pictures are slim, I finding it hard to be the focus of the event and trying to balance capturing the moment as well-maybe I just need a photographer to travel with me. Luckily, Amanda offered to be the photographer for the afternoon.

A big thanks to everyone who came! We appreciate everything!

New Years Eve

Yes friends, you read that title correctly.

In an attempt to get caught up why not start where I kinda left off. There has been so many wonderful things happening, but there just doesn't seem like time to keep up the ole' blog. So, way back to New Year's Eve we go.

Josh and I headed down to the Holden Beach to ring in the year of the wedding. Our friends Mike and Jacquelyn joined us and we had a fabulous weekend. It was especially nice that we didn't have to go back to work until January 3rd.

The weekend was spent hanging out, walking on the beach, watching movie, relaxing with some adult beverages, playing games, and eating lots of good food. Seriously, everytime I turned around I felt like we were eating another fabulous meal...but who am I to complain-I loved it. New Year's Eve we cooked a Low Country Boil. This was everyone's first time attempting it, but with some good directions and timing it was delicious! And a nice presentation if I do say so myself.

Several years ago I would have felt the need to "go out," but now I'm quite content ringing in the New Year in a low key kind of way. Maybe it's just because I'm getting old too.

We had a great time and I hated to return back to reality. However, time doesn't stay still, and life moves on and I knew 2012 is going to be a great year!