Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a MUST share!

So I wasn't going to post for a while again, but I came upon a MUST share!

My good friend Mere directed me to a fantastic blog, Preppy Paper Girl, and I came upon a new monogram item. If you know me at all you know I LOVE to monogram anything I can get my hands on, so this is VERY exciting to me and a great idea I wish I would have thought of first. Nevertheless, I am not creative so would have never figured out how to pull it off, but someone else has.

Happy Monogramming!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Happy First Day of Fall!

Isn't fall great? Leaves changes colors, cooler weather (in most places), football, cozy sweaters and jeans...I just love fall. Mom got me in the mood early when I came home from the football game on Saturday night and she had made me this beautiful fall wreath.

My mom is so talented....I would nevver be able to create something like this. She also planted some mums for me. Notice the ones by the Clemson flag are going to be purple :) Love it!

That is the extent to my gardening....I am going to try my best to keep those alive. You should have seen the fern that was there before...sad. Anyway, enjoy the season, it will be December before we know it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friends, Fun, and Football

Oh how I love football weekends! As busy as they are, they bring me so much happiness. I left for Clemson Friday after school. I thought I was ready and packed, so all I would have to do is throw my stuff in the car and leave, but I thought wrong. All day Friday I thought about how I wasn't happy with my outfit to wear to to the game (I know silly, especially since it was supposed to rain all day) nonetheless it was bothering me. The plan was to grab my stuff, stop by Steinmart and head out of town. Well, let me replay the events of Friday afternoon. Keep in mind all of the following events happened after a quite busy day at school.

Load my stuff and start heading towards Steinmart. OH NO! I forgot my raincoat. Especially important this weekend...had to turn around and go and get it.

OK, now I have everything. Get half a mile down the road, realize I forgot something else. Turn around again. Not happy at this point.

Finally get to Steinmart...find an outfit, and got $10.00 off and head to Clemson.

Boy was I happy to finally get there! The first stop in Clemson was to visit the Zelmers. We went to Jody's house for dinner and to play with baby Parker. That little boy is just the cutest. Best of all, Lorrie had his onesie on that I got him and it looked perfect.

After I left Jody's I traveled to Amy and Duke who were so graciously willing to put me up for the night. Amy and I chatted and caught up with each other for a while and then I hit the bed. Saturday morning was Gameday and what time did the game start, but of course noon. What other time does Clemson play? I was up-and-at-um early and went to meet Amanda to tailgate for a while. Please excuse my lovely was a rather muggy and humid day.

After some tailgating, I met Chris and Danny for the game. Meredith graciously let me buy her ticket from her for the game and the cheering began. I love Clemson football!

I was worried about the weather for the game, but it started out ok. Overcast, but that was better than rain. Then the rain was still manageable. I won't melt, right? Then the first lighting delay. Call me a fair weather fan, but I left at this point to go back to Hal's with Amanda. I was regretting my decision until I saw that there was a second lighting delay when we were watching it on T.V. As the Tigers might have the record for the longest game, we got a win! What a fun weekend filled with good friends, fun, and football!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

So, it might be 6 weeks until my birthday, but I got my gift early! My mom couldn't wait to give me my gift she had made and it was a total surprise. She had my aunt paint an old window for me with of course my favorite team on it. My mom gives the best gifts! I can't wait to show it off in my house. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love it! And of course Uncle Ronnie for delivering it and Terry who painted it. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parker is Here!

Last Saturday, my dear friends, Lorrie and Daron, welcomed their new baby boy into the world. He couldn't wait to cheer on the Tigers and arrived in time for kickoff. On Sunday I was lucky enough to get to stop by the hospital to meet Parker and visit Mommy and Daddy on my way home. He is so precious and blessed to be apart of his new family! I can't wait to see him grow up. Congrats Zelmer Family! I love you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Giving this a Shot!

So, I have to admit that I love reading other peoples blogs. I often ask myself if that is abnormal and wonder if I am the only one, but I do enjoy it. I have been wanting to start a blog, but haven't because what could a girl like me have to write about. I still don't know the answer to that question, however I am doing it anyway. I may lose interest or just be real boring, but I am giving it a shock. Hello Blog World!