Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun at the Fair

The South Carolina State Fair....if you're from Columbia you know the jingle from way back when...right?

The fair opened on Wednesday and one of my favorite artist was the opening night concert, so you know I was there. We went early to eat a little fair food, which by the way is more expensive than I remember it. Luckily it was $1 entry day. After a fabulous corn dog and a little bit of a funnel cake we went to concert. It was a well needed fun and relaxing night. Corey Smith's songs take me back to my college days....oh how much fun those times were!

I've decided I just need to take a class on how to work my new camera...too many options to choose from. We were much closer than the pictures make it appear. These pictures took a lot of effort to get.
So I got excited about the sign, but Josh didn't....evidently he has seen it at the fair before. Not spelled the same, but could there be corn dog/hot dog stand in my future?

This picture makes me laugh...

So good, but so bad...

Oh, and hoping my Tigers can finally pull out a win tomorrow...I don't like seasons like this :( They make me a not so happy Clemson girl.

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