Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching Up...


Just when I thought I was getting catch up with the ole blog, life happened. Between work and the wedding, we have been pretty busy. My mom has done a TON for the wedding, so I can't take all the credit for all the progress on the wedding...she is the best!

* Invitations are stuffed, stamped, and ready to be sent.
* We met with the minister to go over the ceremony.
* We met with the church wedding directors to go over details for the big day.
* We have had a conference call with the photographer and have gone through the day with her.
* Mom has met with the florist and picked out flowers and linens for the reception.
* I went back to work with a bang...three 4 days work weeks in a row mixed with the end of the nine weeks and an author's celebration. I longing for a "normal week."

I have a feeling I just need to fasten my seatbelt and enjoy the ride for the next 54 days. I know everything will be perfect!

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