Saturday, October 24, 2009

House Update

I've been working on finishing the big items I need for my house, and here they are...

A new chair from Deal! Just need a decorative pillow to throw on it.

I finally found a quilt to go in my spare bedroom AND I found it on sale at Anthropologie, yes I repeat, I found something on sale (very uncommon for me). A few more accessories and the room will be finished.

A new pillow and moving another pillow around to complete the couch.

I have to say, it's finally coming together. I think Parker agrees :) Just a picture from the last weekend, while riding in the car...he is too cute!


  1. I just saw those chairs at Target tonight! They are cool! Looks good!

  2. Looks great!!! The quilt is fabulous! Love that picture of lil' P! That is the cutest baby ever! ;)

  3. p.s. that chair is great too! seriously, you and your mom should quit your day jobs and decorate for people like me!

  4. How fabulous! I love it all! I want to see that yellow rug . . . where is it from? Is it yellow polka dots?

  5. Isn't the rug great! It came from Pottery Barn last fall, and yes it it yellow polka dots...gotta love it. They had a red one too that was cute.