Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Backyard Makeover Part Deux

Sunday night out of the blue I finally decided on what patio set I wanted, and of course I wanted to get it right then. Making a long story short, Target was out of the set I wanted, but told me they get new shipments in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After calling several Targets on Monday to make sure they had what I wanted, my dad so kindly met me with his truck after work to get my new comes the assembly. AFTER purchasing the set I read the reviews of the set on Everyone posted on how hard it was to assemble. That is the understatement of the year....

This is how it came...two huge boxes...fabulous. But, I was determined to put it together.
I did manage to get the table put together by myself...chairs a different story. Very difficult without power tools, a little easier with, and definitely a two person job.

And I am in love with my new umbrella!

I think I need an outdoor rug...what do you think?

Something definitely needs to be done about this grass and natural area. Nothing a little water, some pine straw, and few plants can't fix. Time to finally start enjoying my little backyard :)


  1. I LOVE it!!! I must come over and see it soon

  2. It looks so good! I am ready to come down and have a drink with you while hanging out in your new space!!!!

  3. Ohh! I love the umbrella! How cute!!

  4. Looks good! We did the backyard last summer and now its dead again...BOO! Come do ours next, k? :)