Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunshine Award

This was passed along to me by Jodee. I am now supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and pass it along to 7 people. Here goes!

1. I love a good monogram!!! I would have everything monogrammed if possible.
2. I am not a happy camper if I have not had caffeine, preferably Diet Coke, within a few hours of waking up.
3. I have taught third grade for six years, and truly believe teaching what I am called to do.
4. If I could have it my way and in an ideal world, all my fabulous friends from college would live in one town so we don't have to wait so long between visits.
5. Clemson is my second home. There is something in those hills....
6. I love chocolate, and mix peanut butter with it, even better.
7. I am a shopaholic...I feel the need to buy a new outfit for every event (and I use the word event in a broad way) However, I am getting better at shopping in my closet and changing up outfits by just using accessories.

Passing this along to:
1. Ashley W.
2. Kristy
3. Lorrie
4. Holly
5. Meredith
6. Stephanie
7. Kate

Sorry ladies, if this has already been passed to you :)

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  1. Hey girl--
    Your blog is so cute! Congrats on graduation!