Monday, June 7, 2010

I Heart Summer Break!

As much as I love my job, I also love the perk of having summer break. After 10 months of hard work with the kiddos, I get to recoup and relax for a few months. This will be the first summer I have not worked or gone to school and I fully intend on relaxing.

I was lucky enough to start my break with a weekend trip to the beach. Josh's parents invited us down to their family beach house in Holden Beach, North Carolina. I have never been to any North Carolina beaches, but I can make myself at home anywhere their is sand, sun, and ocean. Their house was adorable and we had a great time. I even remembered to wear sunscreen so I didn't get all burned up. I didn't want a repeat of Spring Break. I quickly learned my lesson this spring. Saturday night we at the Provision Company and had a yummy shrimp burger. Very good! This weekend trip was the perfect way to start the summer! Sadly, we headed back to Lexington Sunday evening, but we will be returning in July...yah!!

They had the widest and some of the prettiest dunes I have ever seen.

While at the beach I finished my first book of the summer, Hope in a Jar. I only tend to read Chick Lit and this fit right into that genre. I was cute, a little predictable, but I enjoyed it. Brief synopsis: Two friends, Allie and Olivia, are best friends all through middle and high school. Olivia divulges a secret their senior year and its spread around school by the next day. Olivia blames Allie and moves away. They don't speak to each other until their 20 year high school reunion and the adventure begins. Noah, the other good friend, also plays an important role in the story. If your into Chick Lit, I would definitely recommend it.

Anyone have any other good reads in this genre?

I also started my summer break with a new workout routine. In a previous post, you saw where I joined The Firm. I went this morning for the first time and really thought I was going to vomit everywhere 2o minutes in. I mean I knew I was out of shape, but I must have been in total denial on exactly how out of shape I am. I should have known I was in trouble when the instructor said in the beginning that today had a lot of cardio in it. I have never been so happy as when the instructor said it was time to get on the floor to do ab work. Who would have thought I would be looking forward to ab work. I will have to say that afterwards I did feel good, sore, but good, and energized to start my day. Hopefully, I will start seeing some results and keep this up.

Happy Summer!


  1. i can't believe you cheated on the shrimp shack!

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  3. Hey Ashlee! This is Emily Anderson Catoe from high school! I found your blog through Kristy's. I just wanted to suggest a Chic Lit book...The Wedding Machine by Beth Webb Hart is wonderful! Also, anything by Mary Kay Andrews (she always makes me laugh). Enjoy your summer!!!!

  4. Not exactly Chick Lit but 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' was really satisfying and a pretty easy read. Also 'Secret Life of Bees' if you haven't already read it. If you want to go steamy, try anything by JD Robb - futuristic crime novels with lots of heavy breathing. I have some you can borrow or try the Rainy Day Bookseller - he has tons.