Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Decor

I know its a bit early to be putting out fall decorations, but with weddings the next two weekends and football season, this was the only weekend to do it before it got to late.

The kitchen table. I think it may be a little busy...

I used the newest Pottery Barn catalog as inspiration...this is my version.

A little something on the mantle.

The extra stuff landed inthe kitchen.

Happy Fall!
And I'm shooting in style now with this darling camera strap my dear friend Meredith made me. I love it!

I think it screams Ashlee...Now if I could only find a camera bag just as cute.
Sidenote...Oprah ended up not being that bad on Friday. I think I may have overreacted at the beginning. It must have been a theme for the last Friday....I overreacted to just about everything that day. I agreed with some points they made, and disagreed with others. I will stand firm that if I had watched the show on Monday, I would have been angry. But, I'm over it now :)


  1. They look great! I've been thinking about fall decorations for the last 2 weeks!! Of course, I've got some thrifting to do before I can REALLY get started . . . :)