Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Design on a Dime

I'm back! It's amazing what can get done when your team is playing away.

Since Clemson is playing away tonight at Virgina Tech, I decided this was the weekend to decorate for fall. As much as I wanted to venture into a few new ideas I found on pinterest, I knew it was best to make do with what I had. So, for about $25 and some inspiration from pinterest I got my little house spruced up for the season.

Same wreath as the last 2 years, but a little monogram always makes everything perfect.
I know my TV is not straight. I tried fixing it but it was knocking the garland off, so I gave up.
We all know decor is way more important than a straight TV, right?

My grandmother made these years ago. I always enjoy pulling them out and thinking of her.

One side of the table...

And the other.

Now this needs some work...I couldn't get the mums right. A trip to mom's for a pot is in order.

I'm planning on getting a cheap frame and hanging this up.

Via Pinterest.
Happy Fall Y'all!

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