Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cookie Swappin'

Last night I went to a holiday cookie swap at my friend Ashley's house. Who doesn't love a good cookie? I tried to make a new cookie. I found a recipe for Double Chocolate Chewy Cookies, sounds good, right? Word to the Wise: Do NOT to try a new recipe the day of a cookie swap.

The first batch didn't turn out so pretty. So I decide to roll the dough instead.

Much better! They didn't taste horrible, but not great. They tasted like a really sweet brownie to me, but would have rather taken brownies. I'm sorry for all those who tried them!

The night was filled with good food, drinks, fun, laughs, and of course cookies. It was a great time and I got to meets lots of new people. We brought 3 dozen cookies and returned home with 3 of each kind. I will be snacking on cookies for a while!