Friday, December 4, 2009

My New Love...

I have a new love...buying furniture. I find myself wanting to keep buying it even though it there is NO more room in my house for it. I recently purchased this new chair.

It is the same style as my couch, just a different color. (I thought a big red chair with a big red couch might be a little much for my small home.) This chair is SO comfortable! I love it! For all of my Clemson friends who loved the Berkeley Place chair, which was especially nice for recovering after a late night, this one ranks up there with that one. You can bundle up and take an excellent nap in my new purchase.

What piece of furniture can I replace now?


  1. obviously i must visit immedietly and try out this chair. only approved if both of us and our chips will fit! love you!

  2. So glad to meet you last night! I love the chair as well!

  3. Can you sleep sideways in it?? That is the true test!!!