Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gone Bowlin'

Yes, another Clemson post. Give me until the official end of football season and there should not be as many.
When I found out that Clemson was going to the Music City Bowl in Nashville, I started getting the itch to go. I haven't been to Nashville since my grandparents passed away several years ago and have been trying to find a reason to get back. After not being able to convince my dad to go, I thought which one of my friends would be available for a road trip...Kate of course! She was up for and didn't even mind that I wanted to go by the cemetery while we were in town. What a good friend! We have made plans to hopefully see our Tigers get a win against Kentucky. (And I really hope we win because I honestly don't think I can listen to the "SEC is better than the ACC" debate again.) GO TIGERS!

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  1. We're thinking about going, too. We'll be in Knoxville Christmas day, so it won't be too much further to go.