Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bridal Registry

I had NO idea that registering for the wedding would be so detailed, time consuming, and exhausting. Josh opted out of the Belk's trip, so Mom and I went yesterday to get everything started. Our appointment was at 10:00 and we didn't finish until 2:30! Yes, that has to be some kind of world record for the longest time it took to register. I even had an idea of what patterns I wanted, so I wasn't wondering around trying to decide what to get. Well....I guess technically I did have to decide on our everyday china. My first choice was Vietri, which was really expensive, go's just SO pretty. Another pattern I liked was Sophie Conran Portmeirion. Final decision only with the help of my mix and match. I got pieces of each that I really liked and was very pleased with our final product. Four and a half hours later we were registered for almost everything we needed. I even registered for some Christmas China to get my collection started. Our original plan was to hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond the same day, we quickly said that can be left for another day.

Kate Spade Sophie Conran

Spode Christmas Tree

Hopefully, BB & B won't take as long...


  1. The Vietri is beautiful! Love the other stuff, too!

  2. hey, that sophie conran looks familiar :)

  3. Smart thinking about the Christmas pattern too! Can't wait to see the finished list