Monday, June 27, 2011

A First

I'm not trying to air my dirty laundry on purpose, but I just couldn't resist as I thought Josh's efforts were really sweet...

Last week, I received my first "I'm sorry I screwed up" flowers from Josh.

I was not expecting them, and honestly wasn't that mad about it, more aggravated than mad. So, I guess your wondering why he sent them? The wedding details...imagine that. We have been working on finalizing the guest list and I have been trying to gather formal names and addresses for everyone. I promise I'm going to keep these in a safe place for the rest of my life so I no longer have to bug everyone come Christmas card time :) I asked Josh to get this information as well, including middle names, and like any other man had a hard time understanding why. Evidently "because it's the proper thing to do" didn't suffice for him. As it happens, I was on my way to work out and a pool day and I left without finishing our "conversation." I had also forgotten my phone, so I had no way of calling to talk (because I have no numbers memorized anymore), which probably didn't help matters. When I got home, flowers and a sweet card were waiting.

By no means were flowers necessary, but it was a sweet thought to help make things better. As usual all was worked out and life has happily moved on.

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