Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime Routine...

I love a routine...I'm a creature of habit. I like to have a routine even in the summer when I'm not at work. However, I have to admit that I get bored during my time "off." And I use the term "off" very loosely, but I won't get on my soapbox about people's opinions about teachers and summers. Don't get me wrong I highly enjoy my time to recoup from the school year...and it is much needed, but I need to have things to fill my time...just ask Josh.

A Normal Summertime Routine
8:30 Get up/Breakfast
9:30 The Firm to work out
10:30 Off to Mom's to have a pool day, errands, or back home to hang out or clean
4:00'ish home and bored
7:00'ish Dinner
8:00'ish TV and catch up with Josh
11:00 Bed

Tough Life right?

Just the other night Josh and I were talking about this topic and he told me I need to find something to "fill my time" and my answer was that my hobby (aka shopping) involves spending money, which I'm trying to save. Apparently when Josh gets home from work I am a bit talkative after being my myself most of the day. I think he might have even used the word needy...really, I think needy is a bit much, I'm just happy to see him :)

The truth is, I really have lots of stuff to needs to be done. When there is a huge pile of clothes on the bed to be folded and put away, a bathtub that clearly needs some attention, very visible dust that needs dusted, and wedding details and list from my mom to take care of, I have no excuse to claim to be bored.

And should I mention that I haven't dried my hair, put on real clothes, or put on make-up since

So, I guess I don't really have a point with this random post except for the fact that maybe I'm just lazy or as I would like to think am more productive with a few things on my plate at one time. And a routine works best for me.


  1. I worked on my wedding to-do list all week and I swear it just gets longer! For everything I crossed off, 3 things took it's place!

  2. I am the exact same way!! It's hard to go from 22 kids waiting on you and needing you, to nothing. No one cares what you do all day. It takes time to get use to, that's for sure. And, I'm right there with you on not drying my hair. hahahahha Enjoy your summer!! :)