Thursday, November 24, 2011

National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Vacation Part 1

Yesterday we began our own version of Thanksgiving Fun. We began the long 9 hour trip to Destin to visit Brooks for Thanksgiving. I knew it would be a long trip, but had no idea how long it was. I think I'm getting too old to sit in a car that long and we were doing anything to keep us amused by the end of the trip. Anywho, on the way I convinced my Dad to stop off so I could see Auburn's campus since we were passing right through. Honestly, I just needed a change of scenary after about 5 hours of interstate. I loved the campus! It was so pretty and it was crazy how much it was like Clemson....kinda felt like home.

A bit crooked, but pretty good for out the window one handed.

I couldn't believe they were already tailgating for the Alabama/Auburn game.

I had never been to Alabama and what a view I got. We went through many a small town. Once we got there we settled into Brooks' small apartment (lots of quality family time to come) and headed to the beach. We caught it just in time for a beautiful sunset.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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