Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Easter and Spring Break

Happy Belated Easter! We had a wonderful first Easter as the Dailey's! Our Easter weekend began with our church's presentation of the Living Last Supper. This was a moving night and Josh even participated as a disciple, Simon the Zealot. He did a great job of acting his part, as well as the rest of the men that participated. They put in weeks of practice into the night and gave back to our church and community in a wonderful way. Our praise band provided the music and as always were fabulous.
* I had no pictures of the night, so this is "borrowed" from facebook :) *

We attended Easter Sunday Services at church also. I just love the contemporary service we attend! From the praise band to the message to the people...everything about it is wonderful. I'm so thankful Josh has found his place at Union UMC also. Sharing it with him only makes it more wonderful. It warms my heart to call Union "our church."

And Easter is not complete without some candy. My sweet mom made us a pretty basket filled with all kinds of goodies. This basket plus me being at home all week equal lots of extra calories.

Now, as for Spring has been filled with lots of trips to the dump. I have been in the middle of operation out with the old. I have done lots of cleaning out to find space for our new wedding gifts. The closet, bathroom drawers, kitchen cabinets, pantry have been cleaned out along with a general cleaning of the house. Our guest room is still kind of a catch all place, but I starting to believe it will be like this for a while until everything has a home. I have also been to Belk and Bed, Bath, and Beyond several times to return and purchase things we needed. It is way to much fun spending all our gift cards.

It's back to work Monday, but only about 6 or 7 weeks left of school. Summer is just around the corner!

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