Friday, February 25, 2011

Bless Her Heart...

We made it to Friday!

In the midst of all we have to do at school, I sometimes forget to enjoy the funny little things my kids say, but every once in a while they will say something at just the right moment when I really need a laugh. And today was one of those days. This is how the conversation went...

Background from earlier in the day: This child had been sneezing all day, quite loudly, all at times when we were quietly working. Her sneezes were very animated and scared us all every time one came. This conversation occurred right after one of her lively sneezes.

Child (going to get a tissue and hand sanitizer): " Miss Savage?"

Me: "Yesss...."

Child: "I think I have allergies."

Me: " Yes, I think you might be right."

Child goes to walk back to her reading...

Child: "Wait, Can we still come to school with allergies?"

Me (laughing): " Yes sweetie, you can."

Oh Goodness, Bless her. We have had lots of discussion about not spreading our germs lately...can you tell?

Happy Weekend!

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