Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Report Card

It has been about a month and in true teacher form thought I would revisit the new year's resolutions. I know I have areas to work on, but I think I have done okay seeing as most people in America have totally given up on theirs by now.

Grade: D

Yes, I know. But in my defense I had some unexpected, not in the normal bill routine things to pay. Darn those car taxes....I really trying to get on track with this goal.

2. Get to the gym REGULARLY.
Grade: A+
I have been getting there at least 3 days each week...Woohoo! And dare I say that I feel a little bad when I don't get there. YIKES! Could I actually be enjoying exercising?

3. Read.
Grade: D

If this includes student work I would get an A, but unfortunately it doesn't. To get me started I did buy "Firefly Lane" to read for pleasure and plan on getting started this week. If only I could join my kids in Independent Reading Time...

4. Leave work at work.
Grade: C
I think this will always be hard for me. Grading papers is just so much more comfortable on my couch in my sweats than at school sitting at my desk. I'm also a self proclaimed nerd when it comes to work, so I guess my brain always has school in the back of it, that's just me.

This is a report card that would never be accepted at my parent's house. I definite grounding would have occurred. I keep telling myself I will work on some of these when life slows down. HA! I've figured out, life doesn't slow down. Baby steps...that's how I work these days.

We have tentative plans for a beach weekend where I plan to bring no work home for the weekend, and just plan to relax, read, and take in the time with the ocean. The smell of the ocean always clears your mind no matter what time of year.

Happy Tuesday!

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