Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of the year again...a time when we all make goals and promises to ourselves about changes we want to make in the new year. When I was in school I learned that when setting rules and expectations for students, one should stick to no more than 5. So, sticking with that bit of information, no more than 5 resolutions for me.

Money that is. The plan is to get the credit card paid off between now and getting my tax return money, which will be a big help. I also want (and need) to save money for my upcoming wedding. AND if possible start putting some money into my current saving account as well because I'm afraid we are going to be busting at the seems in this little house of mine in the near future. With as much as I love to shop, this could be difficult to do, but most certainly possible.

2. Get to the gym REGULARLY.
As much as I'm tempted to, I'm not going to go overboard and say six days a week because I know that is just not going to happen. Realistically between now and the time the school year is over I would love to get there three to four times a week, and more in the summer.

3. Read.
Both for fun and professionally. Being the nerd that I am there are a stack of books that I would love to read professionally, but I know I need to have balance. So, instead of the TV taking me to bed every night, I want to try to begin reading myself to sleep. Yes, I know it may take a while to finish a book that way, but it is a start. One book I have been wanting to read for a while and have heard great things about is this one...

I also saw this on another blog and think it might be right up my alley...light and fun chick lit.

4. Leave work at work.

Again, the inner nerd in me coming out. There is so much to be done and just not enough hours in the day, but I have found in the past that I can easily let work consume me. My plan? Stay late one day and leave school by 4 on the other days.

In hopes of being actually being successful, I tried to choose very practical and obtainable goals. Now to putting them in action...Good Luck to all with your own resolutions!

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  1. I would suggest reading a Dave Ramsey book about saving and money. Chris and I went through his financial peace university at our church and our outlook on money has changed. It really give you a road map for how to save and give you step-by-step help.