Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lights Before Christmas

One last Christmas post...

Christmas Eve Eve Josh and I went to see the lights at the zoo. This was very much my idea as I might have been on the verge of nagging to go this holiday season, so this was our last chance to go. The light were very pretty and definitely put me in the mood to get the Christmas festivities started. For whatever reason, I decided not to bring my "nice, big" camera as I refer to it as, and just used my little point and shoot that was in my purse...mistake. There is clearly a difference in the quality of pictures, and I'm afraid I might be a camera snob now...even if I'm still learning how to use the "nice, big" one.

Although he might not admit it, I think he enjoyed it too. Forgotten hat for Josh equals very cold head.

I can find a monogram anywhere :) I know this is supposed to be a "Jack" in the box, but J for Josh sounds just as good to me.

Onto 2011 now!

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