Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Know How My Mother Feels Now...

I never thought I would say those words, but yes, I think I now know how my mother feels during the holidays. And I don't even have any children to worry about...ahh. My master plan of finishing shopping last week did not happen, so I braved the weather and crazy people and went today. Armed with a list to keep me on track and my patience turned way up, I made my way to the mall and various other places. I waited until lunchtime to go because 1. I so wanted to sleep in on first official day of Christmas Break and 2. I thought it might not be a busy once all the early risers were leaving when I was arriving. And it wasn't so bad I have to say.


I now have two families and a significant other to buy for, not to mention my daughterly duties of buying for my mom from my dad. It's no secret, my mom has informed me this is a lifelong duty as she did it her entire life while my grandparents were with us. Meanwhile, Josh is hanging out at home, visiting his brother, and relaxing. I'm not complaining, but I now understand why my mom turned into a crazy woman this time of year...because my dad did and still does what Josh did today. She was and is in charge of all the gifts to make sure Christmas goes on without a hitch. Now, I could leave it up to Josh to buy gifts for his people, but his idea of gifts are gift cards. I don't mind a gift card, but I also think they have their place. I like a more personal, thought out gift which requires me to have a day like today.

My goal today was to finish, and I did not accomplish that goal :( however, I almost finished :) Monday is my next day to tackle the rest.

All that being said, I am VERY grateful and blessed to have all these people in my life. 2010 has given me more than I could imagine or hope for and I appreciate my mom more the older I get.

This is one of my new favorite Christmas songs (it's not really new, but new to me), and in the hustle and bussell of the day I heard it at the right time today.

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  1. I know how you feel Ashlee! I had this realization the year I got married! It made me appreciate my mom so much more for always making it special for us! The things us girls do to help make the season bright! :) Love you my friend! Merry Christmas!