Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wedding Blog or Website?

So...I'm sitting on my couch relaxing for the first time IN FOREVER and now tackling things on my "for fun" to do list. On top of the list...wedding stuff...more specifically the wedding website. Then I started thinking...

What if I do a wedding blog instead? I immediately "googled" it. Not much came up, but I did find this example of a wedding blog. This couple choose to do both, I know I could never keep up with both, but I do like how she has links on the top of her blog (not quite sure how to do this though, please help me if you know how). Then I thought I could do labels on the post to help guide people through the blog for information. I'm just throwing out all the ideas that are going through my head....but then I also know there are some crazy people out there in the cyber world and I'm not sure if I want them knowing all that info., knowing my luck some crazy person would show up at the wedding, but the website has the same issue.

For all my recently married friends (that would be everybody :) and others, what do you think? Suggestions and thoughts are welcome!


  1. I personally liked how easy the website was-it was nice to just add pics and info. and it looked complete!

  2. The knot.com was very simple and easy to use! Made it easy for "older" people to see the location etc. And my favorite part was reading everyone's comments they left. That doesn't mean we still don't expect cute updates about the wedding details on your blog though! Whatever you choose will be absolutely perfect and adorable, because that's true Ashlee fashion! ♥ you! :)

  3. I say do theknot.com and then continue with this blog :)