Saturday, January 29, 2011

Me Cooking??

I have to admit I was quite proud of myself this week. I cooked two whole meals that were VERY good and actually tasted like something. Josh was even excited about them. I know it was only two, but it's a start. Of course I didn't do this alone. I can thank Gina's Skinny Recipes and my dear friend Kate who told me about her blog. We made Chicken Divan, Lightened Up and Low Fat Baked Ziti With Spinach. The Chicken Divan adventure was a little more difficult than the Baked Ziti. Chicken Divan ended up with a mess of a kitchen. I was thankful for the 30 minutes it baked in the oven, which allowed for Josh and I to tag-team the mess. Baked Ziti much easier and just as good. Josh compared both to Burrito Bake, which is a recipe I made when we were first dating and he loved. A pretty good compliment in my house.

And not only are these great meals, Gina has correlated all of her recipes with Weight Watchers points. I HAVE to stay my current size or the fabulous wedding dress will not fit, and that would be a nightmare! It is a great motivator!

If your looking for any light and delicious meals, go visit her!


  1. I will definitely be checking out that website! I need some good Weight Watchers recipes!

  2. This week we made three of her recipes - We had shrimp curry, pork chops/mushroom sauce & baked zucchini sticks, shrimp fried rice. That allowed us to have amazing cupcakes for dessert. I LOVE her skinny nachos and turkey and black bean enchiladas.

  3. I recommend the asian meatballs, that is a favorite in my house!