Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylish Home?

I can tell I'm back to my busy work schedule because I have fallen behind on my blogging. As I was catching up on some of the lovely blogs I follow I came across this style quiz on A Day in the Life. Just a fun little home decor/style quiz. After a few short questions, these were my results from the quiz:
You most resemble a "Winsome Charm".

Details of craftsmanship with natural materials surround you. To cook a grand meal in an elegant kitchen is your joy. A bedroom with distinct character - warm and charming. Tempo and technical accumen give a smooth flow to you. Your relaxed table atmosphere is enjoyed by everyone. "Beer is proof that God loves us" Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Always intriguing, never clumsy. .

Suspected "Winsome Charm"

- Tom Hanks
- Robert Redford
- Queen Latifah

I'm not quite sure about the beer quote, even if I do enjoy some cold blue mountains occasionally.

I do love my house, but like many others I'm thinking of how I can change it up after two years of living here. Unfortunately, I have champagne taste on a beer budget....never fear, Mom to the rescue. She could so host Design on a Dime. I'm wanting to change up a small wall in my house. Currently is has a brown question mark, and, at, and exclamation mark symbol hanging on it. I've always wanted a photo wall, but don't want all the frames to be the same. And as I mentioned above, I'm on a budget. I tempted to go "thrifting" but I have no idea where to go, and I'm afraid I might look like a little lost puppy in a thrift store. I'm loving these walls. The first one is not a true photo wall, but I love the look of the empty frames.
Any Suggestions?

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  1. I have a "semi" photo wall. Went to Goodwill and different shops and boughts all sorts of frames them spray painted them all black. They look brand new for just $ 1/each or so.
    And yes...your mom has such good taste!