Friday, April 8, 2011

Alpha Chi Love

As I was browsing through my Spring Edition of "The Lyre" this afternoon I came across an interesting list. In each edition they have a "His Side of the Story" column and this time the husband of a Alpha Chi Alumna wrote his own "Top 10 list of ways you know you're married to an Alpha Chi." I enjoyed some more than others, but nonetheless, they were cute.

1. Your photos of a recent family trip to Disneyland include shots of the dancing lyre bird in "It's a Small World."

2. Your family iTunes folder has a "recruitment songs" play list.

3. You start recommending songs to your wife for that play list.

4. You've checked a men's restroom for shenanigans when invited to chaperon a chapter's formal dance. Then you end your chaperon duties by driving guests home that have "outstayed their welcome."

5. Red and green are colors no longer exclusively reserved for the holidays.

6. Your two year old son sings "it only takes a spark, to get a friendship growing, and soon all those around, will warm up in its glowing..." to himself at night.

7. You see first hand the outpouring of love and support given to your wife, in both dark times and light, by a far-reaching network of women.

(This is a personal favorite off the list.)

8. Your children's birthday parties are planned and decorated like a full-fills southern recruitment event, complete with color themes, matching outfits and more balloons than you can fit in your SUV.

9. You have a conversation on date night and your wife uses terms like "COB, PCC, CRS," and you know what she means.

10. You look at your precious one-year-old daughter sleeping in her crib, and imagine her growing up to be the type of woman who will "seek the heights" in love and life.

Alpha Chi Omega was my lifeline in college. Most of my dearest and closest friends are sorority sisters. I truly don't know what I would do without them....even after all these years after we have graduated. I haven't stayed active as an alumna, but I wouldn't trade my years at Clemson for anything!


  1. Number 10!!! Number 10!!!! :) PS - I sing a few AX songs to the girls at night.
    "mmm hmm I want to linger ..." AND the sweet heart song!
    The girls have already been to a few AX events at our local chapter where I help out.