Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebrating Amanda!

Last weekend we celebrated the soon to be bride in Charlotte. We had a great time! Friday night we took in dinner, a little fun and danced the night away. Saturday we ate breakfast at Bruggers Bagels which definitly hit the spot and relaxed the rest of the morning before we did a little shopping at Southpark. And I cannot tell you how much I love that absolute favorite!! Saturday night we braved the yucky, rainy weather and hit the town again. We had a small shower for Amanda, a nice dinner, then a dance-a-thon at a bar. I know I should probably have remembered the names of all the places, but I didn't.... I was quickly remembered of my age when I was dancing and getting knocked into every moment because it was so crowded...I am definitley not used to that anymore. We ended the night at a piano bar, which was loads of fun as well.
Very soon-to-be bride :)

Me and Amanda

Some of the girls dancing at the piano bar...
I can't wait until Amanda's big day! It's sure to be a great day!

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