Friday, June 29, 2012

Me and My Groom

More wedding posts?  Yes friends!  I was so happy to be getting married at Union United Methodist Church.  This has been my church home for many years and now Josh and I can call it home too.  This was actually the first (and only time since) Josh has been the "big church" since we go to the contemporary service each Sunday that is held in the chapel.  In true Methodist fashion we had a quick cereomony and before I knew it Rev. Phillips was saying " You may kiss the bride."  It was probably a good thing it was quick-later my mom told me I was swaying back and forth the whole time, nerves?  The ceremony decor was very simple, but perfect for our nuptials.  Our photographer did a great job of getting all the shots I asked for.  Our church has a rule that there is no flash photography during the ceremony so she was unable to be in the sanctuary for the ceremony, but she was so creative and got some shots through the window in the narthex.  I was so thankful for her problem solving!  She was also quick, quick, quick with all the pictures after.  I think our old age  maturity of the wedding party, and of course Lindsay's great planning, also played a good part as we had all done this a time or two.  We were off the the PARTY before we knew it.  


 The Guest Book, South Carolina Reflections.

 Love this picture!

 Mr. and Mrs. Dailey!

 My glad he could make it!

 Good looking group of people if I say so myself :)

 Sweet Honorary Bridesmaids who read scripture during the ceremony.
Onto the PARTY of our lives!

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