Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Most Wonderful Day Of My Life

March 10, 2012 was PERFECT!  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  The weather was beautiful and everything went as planned from beginning to end.  Of course we had a a few minor hiccups, but they were so minor that we just forgot about them.  The morning was very low key as I wanted it.  I could have easily been the longest morning of my life.  I woke up at my parent house for the last time as a "Savage" :(  A little sad, but I knew a new journey with a new name was just around the corner. I was real quiet most of the day.  I had a feeling that I can't really explain.  I was excited, nervous, but was doing lots of observing and taking it all in.  Around 11, I met all of my bridesmaids down in the hotel room Josh had gotten, he had left of course, to do hair and have a "Bag Bridal Lunch" prepared by some sweet family friends.  My mom bought the reusable lunch bags with their monogram to serve them in so they could reuse them later. It was so nice to just relax and visit before the big night.  Again, my mom is so creative.  We all left from there to finish getting ready and meet back at the church later in the afternoon. Josh and his gang all met at the church also to visit and get ready for pictures.  While all of this was going on we had some incredible family friends setting up for the reception.  It turned out AMAZING!  A huge thanks to everyone who helped out at 701!Once we all arrived at the church pictures began.  These are all pictures before the ceremony.  We had so many good pictures thanks to Lindsay Alexander!  Here is a peek of some of them.

 My Groom :)
 Precious Ella!

 My sweet Dad getting a first look.
 One incredible Mom!

 Love these girls!

 One of my favorites! 

So many more to come!

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