Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Craft Bug

Evidently I got the craft bug as of late...maybe it has been the extra time I have had. I have always been one to buy the already made fabulously cute things that I could actually make, I mean why should I make it if someone already has. However my dear friend Lorrie got me on this project. She is so crafty, so this one is for you girl.
Lorrie showed me a adorable wreath made out of beaded board in a boutique in Clemson and I had to have one, but it didn't quite fit into the budget. So, Lorrie had her uncle cut several wreaths out of beaded board and gave me a blank slate for Christmas...this is where my talent (if you want to call it that) comes in. Using the picture the store posted on the Internet I made my own, and if I do say so myself it looks pretty darn good considering I made it.
Add a bow and there you have it....

I think all my craftiness is gone for a while....maybe summer will bring it back.