Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here's to 2010!

To juicing the good times so your glass is always half full. To more backbone and less bitterness in the bad times. To Wild Nights because you never outgrow your need. To jumping out of a plane or staying put in the moment...whichever is harder. To trying new technology so you won't become a grumpy Luddite. To making something with your hands so you won't become a giant talking head. To taking a chance on something improbable instead of always betting on a sure thing. To trying on a different address. To sometimes being an outsider instead of always else will you grow? To setting your life on fire or being the match to ignite someone else. To turning regrets into reasons to celebrate. Here's to the Year of You!

I found this in the January edition of Skirt, and loved it. They always have great little sayings on the front. Happy 2010!

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