Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just In Case I Forgot

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and as I was updating my information, I came to that fabulous question, Marital Status. Single/Never Married. Single. Married. Divorced. So of course I mark, Single/Never Married grumbling under my breath about this stupid question. Then it was time to talk to the doctor. As we were talking and he was asking me his list of questions, he asked me "Still Single?" Well if you read the sheet, maybe you would see what I marked...anyway, I responded with yes. He continues to ask me, " Why? By Choice?" Well, if I knew why, we wouldn't be having this conversation would we. And no, not by choice. At this point I was just put out.

Fast Forward to today. I was in a graduate class that I am taking through the school district and we were all registering online in the computer lab. I typing in my name, address, phone number, email and there it was again. Marital Status. That flippin' question came up again! I mean it really necessary for the College of Charleston to know my marital status for a graduate class? Again, I chose Single/Never Married. I was grumbling today too....a little louder.

I am in my no means in any hurry to get married. And heck I've waited this long so I am not going to settle, but do I need to be reminded twice in one week of my relationship status. I don't think so. As a late twenty something (quickly approaching the next big number that we are not talking about) my choices are seeming to become very limited. Maybe 2010 holds good things for my future, but in the meantiime, I don't need any more reminders.


  1. Or maybe you'll be getting a call from your doctor . . . :)

  2. All you need is one simple visit to Greensboro- I tell you- the boy is easy on the eyes!! Maybe we should plan something soon?