Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Pretzel

I heart a scarf! I have one in every color and lots of patterns. My friends and coworkers probably get very tired of seeing me wear them, but I think they are the perfect accessory. Especially since I live in South Carolina. With our unpredictable weather, what better way to accessorize an outfit in every season.

I welcome any ideas to organize these babies....this is how they are being stored now.

My mom recently showed me a new way tie my scarf. This may very well have been around for a while, but it was new to me and I was very excited. Oh, the little things that make me happy. It's called the Pretzel. I found this website that shows you how to do it perfectly, along with some other ways to wear this perfect accessory. I'm really liking the twist too...

Happy Accessorizing!


  1. I just bought a scarf hanger at IKEA last weekend! I, too, have WAY TOO MANY scarves! I'll have to show it to you!

  2. Please do! I would love to be able to actually see what my choices are!

  3. Depending on where you are going to store them. If you have a Long space you can use a spring rod shower bar or curtain rod to drape scarfs tie once and let it hang. That way they are side by side in one line for easy accesorizing and access. If you want to continue to use your door you can get some cute towel bar mounts and mount several on the back of your door. Drape and tie once like before. You can put these bars closer together because they jut out from the wall which allows the scarfs above to fall behind the next row. Hope this helps. Good luck finding a solution.