Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Contact Lens Abuse

I just need to complain about the awful eye doctor I went to see at the Walmart today. She needs to take a class in what I guess you would call "bedside manner." I know I don't take care of my contacts or eyes like I should, but it has worked for me this long, so I just keep on with my routine. Needless to say I don't need a lecture, because I know how I should take care of my eyes, just choose not to at times.

I was overdue for an appointment and out of contacts so I finally made an appointment. I'll save you all the minor details and skip to the main point. She must have told me 14 times in the 20 minutes I was in there that if I don't take the contacts out every night and change them every 2 weeks that I could have permanent blindness. Because of my "contact lens abuse" and leaving in them for more than 48 hours, I could lose my vision. By no means, do I want to be blind, but did she have to repeat it over and over- I don't think so. She also told me in a very rude tone, that I had "make up swimming in my eyes." Really, swimming? Come on now.... Finally, she proceeded to tell me (still rather rudely) that no one would prescribe new contacts if I had an infection (which she check for)....and by the way no infection. What I wanted to tell her was my eyes are probably dry and swollen because I might have partaken in a few beverages at Jimmy Buffet last night, not because of my eye abuse.

I don't doubt the information she provided me with was false, I just don't appreciate how rude and ugly she was to me. She said she would see me in a year....I don't think so, I'll find someone else to see.


  1. Oh I am a repeat offender of contact abuse. I just hate not being able to see when I get up, ya know?