Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm still here....

Not that I am actually thinking anybody is wondering where I have been...but I will let you know anyway since I am feeling the need to vent. Since February has begun, I feel like I have been out of touch with the my normal routine for several reasons as of late...

1. Work has been thing after another, again, out of my normal routine that bleeds into my personal life. Hoping things will return to normal very soon....that is if there is a normal being a teacher.

2. Grad School...on top of all the work craziness. The motivation is lacking to be productive in this endeavor, therefore creating stress and worry on my part.

3.Signing up for another Grad Class through my district...what was I thinking? While I really wanted to take it and it is not that much work, it still is time on Thursday after school until 7.

4. Multiple other commitments I have made at work....this is the overachiever in me shining through.

5. My computer is a piece! I think my years of not updating and taking care of it as I should have caught up. This is another motivational piece of getting grad work done that is holding me back. Thank goodness for my school laptop.

5. The just puts me in a yucky mood. I'm tired of the cold and winter. And on top of that it snowed yesterday. 7 inches on my patio table, yes, in South Carolina. While it is very pretty, I'm so over this. Bring on Spring!

So, I am not exactly Polly Positive, but I am going to really start trying to use my time more wisely (this is when a list comes in handy, and I love a list!) and getting my self back on track.
While I was catching up on all my blogs this morning, I saw this on Kelly's Korner and it made me smile, and okay maybe tear up a little. I normally don't talk or write about church or religion, and keep it very personal, but I thought this was great. And I also really liked the back of Kelly's cardboard testimony :) The front is not totally me, but the back is a great reminder.

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  1. I have wondered where you've been! and I just LOVE Kelly! She's such an inspirational person! We love you! :)