Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What a fabulous weekend so far! First, the weather went from cold and dreary, to warm and bright! It's amazing how a shift in weather can put everyone in a better mood instantly. I hope this means old man winter is on his way out the door...

The bubster was in town for the Tennessee/Carolina basketball game. Friday night the family went out to dinner and as mom and dad went home to go to bed, Brooks and I went out for a few drinks. It was a fun time catching up and visiting, especially since its rare when we get to hang out. And being the nice sister I am, I even came bearing gifts....or cupcakes that is. They were a hit!

Today, we went to the basketball game, wearing our orange and white proudly. Brooks got us good seats and I think Mom, Dad, and I were nervous to what the outcome of the game might be. I am proud to report that Tennessee pulled out a win in the was close for a bit, but Tennessee came out to win in the second half.

Brooks and I before the game.

The bubster hard at work.

And there is still one more day left of this fabulous weekend! Next Saturday is the big OUTLIVE game in Knoxville. If you remember, I posted earlier about this fundraising campaign that started with my brother's idea. Help support cancer research...visit the OUTLIVE website and get your shirt today!

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