Sunday, February 28, 2010


What a whirlwind last week was! And putting off most of my grad work did not add to week either...oops. It all got done though. It was a busy, but fun week. Mondays are always crazy...just because its Monday. Tuesday Amanda and Hal came in for the Jimmy Buffet concert. It was a little different seeing him in February and in an inside venue, but all 4 of us had a great time and officially ready for warm weather!

I took Wednesday off to recover and get some grad work done. It was well worth it, but totally threw my week off. When I got back to work, things were just as busy as when I left. I had class Thursday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday. Needless to say, Saturday night I was pooped. It was definitely a couch and movie night for me.
On a side note:
My mom found these adorable tin flowers and picked them up for me. They are the inspiration for my backyard spruce-up this spring. I cannot wait to get a nice table and chairs for outside and enjoy the spring and summer. These will be perfect to hang on the fence!
I sure would say this is a sad backyard...and definitely in need of some TLC. Since the inside of my house is done, onto the backyard.

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