Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lights Before Christmas

One last Christmas post...

Christmas Eve Eve Josh and I went to see the lights at the zoo. This was very much my idea as I might have been on the verge of nagging to go this holiday season, so this was our last chance to go. The light were very pretty and definitely put me in the mood to get the Christmas festivities started. For whatever reason, I decided not to bring my "nice, big" camera as I refer to it as, and just used my little point and shoot that was in my purse...mistake. There is clearly a difference in the quality of pictures, and I'm afraid I might be a camera snob now...even if I'm still learning how to use the "nice, big" one.

Although he might not admit it, I think he enjoyed it too. Forgotten hat for Josh equals very cold head.

I can find a monogram anywhere :) I know this is supposed to be a "Jack" in the box, but J for Josh sounds just as good to me.

Onto 2011 now!

Monday, December 27, 2010

What a wonderful Christmas I had! It was my first Christmas having to be in more than one place, and although it was busy, it was fabulous. The holiday started off with Josh and I exchanging gifts Christmas Eve afternoon. He did a very good job of following the list he asked for.

My favorite gift I gave to Josh, something to hold all his "stuff."

All the "stuff" neatly put in his new gift.

One of my gifts...nice, new sunglasses. I was kindly reminded that these don't get thrown into my purse without the case. Please excuse my beauty in this picture...I was in workout attire, waiting to get ready for the night.

On Christmas Eve, Josh and I went to church and then went to have Christmas with his dad and step mom. Sadly, I took no pictures there, but we had a good time. We ate dinner and exchanged gifts. Then we split up and went to spend the night with our own families for Santa to arrive the next morning.

The Savage's at the Hogan's annual Christmas Eve get together.

Christmas morning we all enjoyed sleeping in a bit and then dove into the gifts. At our house we always start with stockings and open them all together at one time. Then we rotate around the room and open one at a time to see what each other got (and it makes it last longer).
Gotta love Christmas morning pictures....

Brooks was thrilled as well.
Our traditional Christmas breakfast is yummy hash brown casserole and sausage casserole. Normally Brooks makes French toast, but he wasn't feeling it this year, so we went without that this year. Josh came over about 1:00 to spend some time with us, then I went over his mom's house to have Christmas with her. I came back home just in time for a nap and dinner. Our family has steaks, hash brown casserole (again) and salad on Christmas night. And I got to eat my a piece of my favorite pie, Chocolate Chess, that my mom made just for me :)

Snow. Yes, snow. Just the day after Christmas. Honestly, I was over it after all the TV coverage about it. If it had come on Christmas Day I think I would have been more excited, but I had plans to meet Amy, Jacqueline, and Kate for dinner in Greenville Sunday night and the weather made us cancel those plans, so I was not too thrilled with the weather.

Go! Murphy! Go!

Our annual Christmas sibling picture.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with love, laughter, friends, and family!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spreading A Little Clemson Christmas Cheer

I saw this link on a friends Facebook page (Thanks Kim! Hope you don't mind me sharing...) and thought I would share it with all my Clemson people. While this was a tough football season (and have a feeling future football seasons) to be sporting the orange and purple, it's always a good day to be a Clemson Tiger in my mind.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Sorry...

I'm sorry if you are no longer on the "blog list" on the sidebar. When trying to change my template, I lost all the whole list! Then I had to go back and try to remember who was on there and add them. If I missed you, please let me know!

Merry Christmas to Me!

I was having a hard time finding something in my closet to wear for Christmas Eve festivities, so while I was out this week finishing Christmas shopping I thought I would pick something up for myself.

How fabulous is this? I know it might be a little much, but I couldn't resist AND it was 40% off. Ruffles and pink...gotta love it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And the Decision Is...

So, after playing with both options most of the day, I made a decision...

Website it is. The blog was just too hard to get it the way I wanted it to look. However, while "researching" I did find a few ways to incorporate this blog into the website.

I decided to go with the one I had already started on Wedding Wire because they had the cutest designs, and we all know that if I'm going to make it and spend time on it, it needs to be cute.

Thank so much for all of your suggestions! I'll be working on it and hopefully it will be up and running soon!

Wedding Blog or Website?

So...I'm sitting on my couch relaxing for the first time IN FOREVER and now tackling things on my "for fun" to do list. On top of the stuff...more specifically the wedding website. Then I started thinking...

What if I do a wedding blog instead? I immediately "googled" it. Not much came up, but I did find this example of a wedding blog. This couple choose to do both, I know I could never keep up with both, but I do like how she has links on the top of her blog (not quite sure how to do this though, please help me if you know how). Then I thought I could do labels on the post to help guide people through the blog for information. I'm just throwing out all the ideas that are going through my head....but then I also know there are some crazy people out there in the cyber world and I'm not sure if I want them knowing all that info., knowing my luck some crazy person would show up at the wedding, but the website has the same issue.

For all my recently married friends (that would be everybody :) and others, what do you think? Suggestions and thoughts are welcome!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Know How My Mother Feels Now...

I never thought I would say those words, but yes, I think I now know how my mother feels during the holidays. And I don't even have any children to worry about...ahh. My master plan of finishing shopping last week did not happen, so I braved the weather and crazy people and went today. Armed with a list to keep me on track and my patience turned way up, I made my way to the mall and various other places. I waited until lunchtime to go because 1. I so wanted to sleep in on first official day of Christmas Break and 2. I thought it might not be a busy once all the early risers were leaving when I was arriving. And it wasn't so bad I have to say.


I now have two families and a significant other to buy for, not to mention my daughterly duties of buying for my mom from my dad. It's no secret, my mom has informed me this is a lifelong duty as she did it her entire life while my grandparents were with us. Meanwhile, Josh is hanging out at home, visiting his brother, and relaxing. I'm not complaining, but I now understand why my mom turned into a crazy woman this time of year...because my dad did and still does what Josh did today. She was and is in charge of all the gifts to make sure Christmas goes on without a hitch. Now, I could leave it up to Josh to buy gifts for his people, but his idea of gifts are gift cards. I don't mind a gift card, but I also think they have their place. I like a more personal, thought out gift which requires me to have a day like today.

My goal today was to finish, and I did not accomplish that goal :( however, I almost finished :) Monday is my next day to tackle the rest.

All that being said, I am VERY grateful and blessed to have all these people in my life. 2010 has given me more than I could imagine or hope for and I appreciate my mom more the older I get.

This is one of my new favorite Christmas songs (it's not really new, but new to me), and in the hustle and bussell of the day I heard it at the right time today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I don't do sick

Just the other day I was telling Josh that I need a day where I can stay in my pajamas all day and not have to go anywhere...well, I guess I'm eating my words now. Apparently I caught some kind of stomach bug. I was up and down all night Monday night from 2:00 on. I managed to get to work yesterday, but it was not our most productive day. I don't take sick days from work...really, I can count on one hand how many times I have taken a sick day in the 7 years of teaching. It is really more work being out than being there, so I went yesterday. But after sleeping from 2:45 until 6:30, then from 7:30-9:30 before heading back to bed at 11, I figure I should not go today. I put in for a sub, got some sub plans together quickly last night, and am home today.

This could probably be the worst week to not be 100%. Lots of stuff to finish up at school before we leave for Winter Break, still have to get my kids Christmas gifts, finish Christmas shopping, go the post office, and was going to try to make it to work out. I had the whole week planned out and this has definitely put a wrench in my plan. And I love a plan with a list.

I think I might be on the mend now. Feeling better than yesterday and planning to be back on the move tomorrow...hopefully.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas "Craftiness"

When I see something crafty, I'm not always the girl who goes and tries to make it...I'm the girl who finds someone else who made it and purchases it. I keep people in business. However, I have saved my photo Christmas cards for the past two years and have been looking for some way to save them. Last year at this time, I came across a blog (I believe Kelly's Corner, but not exactly sure) that gave me this idea. She saved her Christmas cards each year and put them in a scrapbook that comes out during the holiday season. Each year the new cards are added. What a cute idea! It is a great way to see families and children grow each year, and as we are all married or getting married this is bound to happen. So....I finally got around to my project tonight. Sure, I probably should have been grading papers, but I need a break every once in a while, right?

I have to say I pretty proud of my "craft." It is pretty basic, but it is a good start for me. Don't expect me to start scrapbooking as a hobby (it takes effort some days to keep this blog up and some of that stuff was a little costly), but I will keep adding to this project each year. I'm looking forward to all my new cards this year!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ornament Swappin'

Last night the wonderful ladies of my grad school cohort got together for an ornament swap. It was in interesting night (thanks to my lovely neighbors) but was filled with catching up, laughing, and good company. I was running way behind on my schedule, which left me little time to take pictures, but I did manage to get a few.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

The music started before Thanksgiving, and the decor went up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love decorating for the season, but then came a little problem that I didn't have last year...where to put all the normal decor things. Thus, I made my very first trip up inside the attic with the help of a ladder and Josh. But, all is up now and 'tis the season!

I love this angel on the table!

The candles are in the windows as well....

So, you will notice there is no tree topper. What I had from last year didn't work for me this year. Then I wanted a big bow, but mom didn't know how to make one and I heard they were a little costly to get made, so it is blank until I can come up with something else.

I got this garland at the Holiday Market today and I love it!

These were my grandparents and each one is a memory for me...
The Ryman Auditorium is up there for Mama Inish who worked at the Grand Old Opry, the Car Dealership for Papa who sold and loved working on cars, the Coca-Cola plant because that is all Papa drank, out of the 2-Liter bottle, no ice. There are many more memories from these houses, and boy do I sure miss Mama Inish and Papa.
Wishing you a happy holiday season!

Amanda's Wedding Shower

A few weeks ago, Sara Britt and I threw a shower for one of our favorites at the adorable Brickstreet Cafe in Greenville. This place is too cute! I would seriously drive here to eat just for the adorableness...and not to mention the good food :) We had a great time celebrating the soon-to-be Mrs. Harrison!

The table decorations/party mom has such great ideas.
Just an example of the can't be captured in pictures, you just have to go there.
The Bride and Hostesses....and sweet Libby who will join Sara Britt and family in February. How cute is SB? You can't even tell she is pregnant.
note to self: don't stand to the side to pose for pictures in this dress...not flattering.
Amanda and Peggy

All the goodies...

SB was a very good note taker.

One of the many gift pictures...Amanda's face cracks me up in this one.

Can't you tell they are sisters?

The whole gang!

Amanda's Family

It started with a crush :)

I'm so looking forward to all of Amanda's wedding festivities that are still to come! Love ya girl!