Monday, March 19, 2012

The New Mr. and Mrs. Dailey!

We're Back!

We had an absolutely PERFECT wedding weekend and honeymoon! I couldn't have asked for anything more...all my dreams have come true! I know I have lots to catch up on going way back to recap all the wonderful showers we had, but I will leave you with just a few fun things.

My dad made a wonderful video of Josh and I through the years for our rehearsal dinner. It was truly made with love, as my dad married off his "little girl." I still can't watch it without crying.

And our wonderfully fabulous photographer, Lindsay Alexander, gave us a sneak peek of a few images. I was busting to see these as she put them up while we were gone. And in true LAP fashion, she did not disappoint. We have been so lucky to work with Lindsay from the very beginning as she has captured our engagement, my bridal pictures, and our big day. We love her!!

Hopefully, I'm back to the blogging world. With so many fun things to share, how could I not!

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  1. so gorgeous, ashlee! congratulations to you both!