Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Rehearsal

Our wedding weekend began with a fabulous rehearsal and dinner. As all of us were wedding veterans, we knew the drill when it came to the actual ceremony, and with the help of two wonderful directors the rehearsal was a breeze. The night continued at the Vista Room downtown. Josh's mom did a great job with everything from the menu to the decor. It was so nice to have the night to visit with friends and family before the big day. It was a perfect way to start the weekend!

Can you tell I'm lacking creativity with the adjectives and writing? Not my best. Sorry...my brain is approaching bedtime.

My brother, who so kindly missed coaching in two of his tournament games for the wedding.

Just for Josh...

Sweet girls!

Pretty Moms

The ladies...

The Gentlemen...

A big thanks to Josh's step-dad for taking most of these pictures! I'm so thankful someone was able to capture the moment for us! My dad also made a very sweet and fun video of Ashlee and Josh through the years that we showed at the dinner. I know I've posted before, but I'm posting again...just because I can.

It was a night to always remember!

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