Monday, November 2, 2009

26 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 2

Five more things I am thankful for...

1.I am thankful for my friends. Although we all live many miles away all in different cities, I know I can always count on them. We all have our quirks about us and we that's what makes it so fun. They are there for me no matter what and I love them like my family. It's always a great time when we get to see each other!

2. I am thankful for my job. As it is very hard work and at times feel under-appreciated and am asking myself, "What else can I do with my degree?" I always come back to why I wanted to teach in the first make a difference.

3. I am thankful for Murphy, our family dog. Who can resist that precious white fur ball? No matter what kind of day you have had or how bad or good you look, he is always there to love you.

4. I am thankful for Diet Coke. I know what you are thinking....but you obviously haven't been around me when I haven't had one by 10:00. This is my get up and go in the morning.

5. I am thankful for big, over sized sweats. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and relaxing in those comfortable sweats.

So, those weren't as personal as yesterdays, but just as thankful.

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