Thursday, November 19, 2009

People (and Kids) Say the Darnest Things

I came across two situations where I just had to stop and appreciate the moment today.

Situation 1
At school I can always count on something to make me laugh each day. This week has been especially crazy for some reason, and I am probably finding little things funnier than normal. One of my kids said the darnest thing today and with the week I have had, I had to take a chuckle to myself.

Set Up: I had sent my kids by groups to the restroom. Three boys walk in the room yelling...


Me: Boys. First, you know not to come into my room yelling like that and second, please come over and quietly discuss what happened.

Kids: (Still rather loud, me asking them to whisper) Some kid was hitting me in the bathroom.

Me: OK....tell me what happened one at a time.

After spending a good amount of time trying to figure out what happened and finally just telling the office what happened to let them figure it out, the culprit was found. The 3 boys came back in the room to tell me how everything had ended and one of the children responded with this....

Child: Miss Savage they found who did it and he had the lamest excuse!

Oh my! I had to smile and laugh.

Situation 2
I thought my laughs were over for the day, until I stopped to get gas on the way home from school.

Set Up: Pumping gas quietly by myself. Car pulls up to someone who is pumping gas near me.

Person in Car: Do you know where Gibbs Road is? In a very redneck accent.

Person Pumping Gas: Gibson Road?

Person in Car: Yeah, where the jail is. (This is when my ears perked up.)

Person pumping gas continues with directions to the Detention Center.

Person in Car: Thanks, I gotta go get someone out....haha

WOW! This might not be funny while you are reading it, but again, after the week I have had, I just had to laugh.

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