Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tampa Bound My Friends!

Oh how I love everything about Clemson!

This weekend Clemson clinched the ACC Atlantic Division Championship! I was so happy that Mere called and offered her tickets to me. I went up Friday night and spent some time at the Esso to hear the Blue Dogs play and had a wonderful host and hostess again. Clemson had a 3:30 kickoff, my favorite!! I went to tailgate with Amanda and Hal and then off to the game. Clemson did a wonderful job of honoring those who have served and are serving as a part of Military Appreciation Day. Amanda and I celebrated as we won the game! We had actually clinched the title before the game even started when North Carolina beat BC, but by winning we won it out right. We still have some more big games left in our season, Carolina, the Championship Game, and the Bowl Game!

If I am being honest with myself, I have to admit I was one of those nay sayers for a brief moment in time earlier in the season. Who would have thought after the Maryland game that we would have made it to the Championship game....not me. I am so proud of Dabo and the team for not giving up, even if I may have for a bit. Here's to the Tigers!

(After seeing these pictures, I have determined I need a new camera with a better zoom.)

I took a short clip of the celebration on the field after the game :)

Where the Blue Ridge reigns it greatness, Where the Tigers play...


  1. are you considering going to the championship game?

  2. I would love to, but it's my last weekend of class for the semester, so I can't.