Sunday, November 8, 2009

Football Fun!

A wonderful friend!

The old third grade team...miss thes lovely ladies!

The Girls minus Kate....we missed you!
The Gelb's

Amy and Emily Grace...she like the Corn Hole board

I was so excited to spend the whole weekend in Clemson. For the first time all season, we had perfect SUNNY weather on Gameday. I think the sun itself put everyone in a better mood. I got to visit with the Gelbs, Jacqueline and Brian, who made a visit back to the south for the game. We also got most of the old gang back together, we missed you Kate! It was so great see and visit with them all! The Zelmer's were so kind to let me stay again, little Parker is getting so big. And to top off the weekend Clemson got a win against Florida State. WOOHOO! What am I going to do when football season is over?


  1. I had soo much fun with you this weekend!!! I MISS YOU :(

  2. what prescious, prescious women. love y'all and miss all of you tremendously!

  3. Oh Ladies, How I miss all our fun! We are definitly due for a girls trip...I hope it works out for next year sometime. Maybe one day we will live in the same city or really close. Love and miss yall too!

  4. To the Lady who sleeps in the basement:
    What a great weekend! Thanks for spending it with us! We enjoyed having you!